Pharma Machinery Manufacturers in Navi Mumbai Bombay – Pharmaceutical Instruments

Pharma Machinery Manufacturers in Navi Mumbai Bombay - Pharmaceutical Instruments

Pharma Machinery Manufacturers in Navi Mumbai


Pharma machinery manufacturing has always been one of the primary priorities of many well known and well trusted companies especially those who are from India.  This trend has given rise to more and more companies to join the league due to its immense profitability and trade scopes.  Today we will be looking at some of the reputed Pharma machinery manufacturing companies from Navi Mumbai and try to throw a light on their working capabilities, activities and background.



This company from Navi Mumbai started its journey in the year 1986 holding the hand of it’s proprietor R.G. Patwardhan.  Within a short time span the company managed to earn a name of trust for itself with its standardized quality and heavy potentiality of its manufactured goods.  There are different types of machines that RP product work into and some of them are Vibro Shifter, Turbo shifter cum multimill, tablet deduster, RP grip, drain traps, scoops, pillar type bin bender, jacketed paste kettle, pallet truck and the list is a long one.  Serving globally, this company has really made a mark in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in a very short time indeed.



Accura today presents itself as one of the most reputed Pharma machine manufacturing companies from Navi Mumbai, India.  The company has years of expertise in this working avenue since it was started in the year 1978.  Since then it has never looked back and has been prompting its name around India and outside India by its quality production and years of experience on the backdrop.  Accura Pharmaquip specializes in making Tablet and capsule inspection machine, tablet and capsule elevator, SS pallets, Die and Punch Cabinet Vertical, Label counting, Die and Punch Cabinet Horizontal and other heavy ISO certified machinery as well.


  • GEM PHARMA machinery

Gem Pharma machinery is another company that is added to this list of Pharma machinery manufacturing from Navi Mumbai, India.  They from their inception day boots about their quality product and have always dealt seriously with it.  Over the years they have manufactured machines that have high working capabilities and are durable in nature.  They have perfect expertise in producing some of the best Pharma manufacturing machines that includes mixing vessels, Paste kettle, auto capsule loader, dust extractor, Vibro shifter, Contra rotatary, Capsule filling line, ointment manufacturing plant, Mechanical shifter, cream manufacturing plant, and lotion manufacturing plant.  They have a vision and mission of serving with quality when it comes to be being consistent in the business.

Pharma Machinery Manufacturers in Navi Mumbai Bombay - Pharmaceutical Instruments


Imperial Pharmachines Pvt. Ltd is a well trusted brand that is well known for its pharmaceutical manufacturing machinery and dealing and developing different other machinery from high to low range.  They have a repute of providing quality machinery with huge capabilities of productivity.  The product list involves special tools, R&D Press, Single rotatory tablet press, High Speed Mega Press, De-Dusters and dust collector, Siefter, Granulator/RMG, blender of different size, coating equipments, auto punch polisher, roll compactor, high speed mega press, Double rotatory tablet press, high speed mega press, Computerized tool inspection machine, ltrasonic Punch & Die Cleaning Machine, Fluid Bed Dryer/Processor and the list is really a long one.  Today the Imperial Pharmachines stands tall as one of the best in the business that has its origin from Navi Mumbai.


Thus we see that there are so many quality based Pharma machinery manufacturers in Navi Mumbai that truly have the expertise of producing some of the best machines in the business with quality and productivity.

Top Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers in India – Pharma Machinery Suppliers

Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers in India

Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers in India: In today’s world when most of the countries are on the verge of extending their capabilities in each and every spheres of life and implementing new ideas and innovations to satisfy life on a larger scale, India is also on the same track as well.  When pharmaceutical machinery manufacturing in India is concerned, today India is considered to be one of the best in the world and is simply reaching new heights of success on a whole.  Hereby we try to figure out some of the prime manufactures in India who are a leading brand in manufacturing pharmaceutical machinery and about their activities in short.

Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers in India

  • Pharma Tech International

Pharma Tech International is considered to be one of the finest Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers from India.  The company came into existence in the year 2007 with a current annual turnover of Rs 50 lacks to 1 Crore according to stats obtained from sources.  This company boots itself in producing high profile machines like automatic capping machine, capsule section machinery, ointment section machinery, tablet section machinery, crushing machines, globule making machines and the list goes on.  The products are really durable in nature with capabilities of performing accurately and mostly are fully automatic in nature and require less amount of human interference.

  • Prism Pharma Machinery

Prism Pharma Machinery from the land of Gujarat came into existence in the year 2003.  They provide some of the best durable and highly sophisticated pharmaceutical machinery.  With a reputed base and trust of serving this industry from a long time they boost their capabilities in providing machines like high shear mixer granulation, RMG, Tray dryer, oscillating granulator, bin blender, Tumbler bender, Drum mixer blender, mass mixers and others.  They are best in making Roll compactor, Vibro shifter, basket extruder, movable hoist, automatic tablet coater, colloid mill, capsule polishing machine, sealing machine and the list is endless.

Today they stand as one of the finest in the business and provide some of the best products for pharmaceutical use.

Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers in India

  • Harrison’s Pharma Machinery Pvt. Ltd

This ISO certified company from Delhi since its inception days in the year 1983 have always been in the limelight with the quality of machines they manufacture and have the repute also of providing wide range of products as well.  The list is long and some of the wide variety of products they manufacture includes ointment plant, lami tube filling & sealing machine, stainless steel storage tank, Mini Pulverizer, Cyclone Type Pulverizer, Powder mixer and rotary bottle washing machinery as well.  They also produce some of the finest quality machines in relation to laboratory use, syrup manufacturing, multipurpose equipments and many more.

Top Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers in India – Pharma Machinery Suppliers

  • Lohashilpi

This is another innovative manufacturer from the state of Kerala which is considered to be one of the finest pharmaceutical machinery manufactures in India.  They have a huge number of productivity which includes Liquid filling machines, Semi automatic blister sealing machines, Hydro pneumatic blister trimming machines.  They are capable of providing some of the best quality products available in the market today with capabilities of producing high range products for use.  They also deal in automatic rubber machinery, packaging solutions and manufacturing machines yielding rubber accessories as well.

Given above are some of the finest pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers from India who really have done a great job and helped largely improving the quality of pharmaceutical products on a whole.  There are different other companies as well which do have the similar potentials and produce a great variety and quality machines that not only improve the quality but also improves the volume of manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers in Mumbai – Pharma Navi Bombay

pharma machinery manufacturers in navi mumbai

Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers in Mumbai: Today we will be concentrating on some of the best pharmaceutical machine manufacturers from Mumbai, India who have who have constantly given enough effort and hard work to make world class product and compete in the market on a global scenario.  Most of them have years of expertise in this specific field and have managed to earn goodwill in the market by their effort.  Here are few of the most trusted brands from Mumbai who develop and manufacture pharmaceutical machinery.

Pharma machinery manufacturers in navi mumbai

  • Jay Pharma Machinery Equipments

This is one of the most trusted companies that are situated in the heart of Mumbai city, India.  Over the last six years the company has grown from strength to strength increasing the numbers of their clients with good service and maintenance of quality product.  This company has the perfect expertise in manufacturing pharmaceutical machinery like wet mixtures, milling machines, washing system, blender, filter press, Ointment Manufacturing Plant, Inline Homogenizer, pallets, cooting system and the list goes on and on.  Today Jay Pharma Machinery Equipments stands high among its rival companies serving the best out of the best.

  • Bright Pharma Machinery

Situated in Andheri, East Mumbai, Bright Pharma Machinery this company is one of the leading manufacturers of Pharmaceutical machinery along with production of cosmetic, bio product machinery as well.  From 20 years this company has been working in the market with infusing and implementing new ideas for the betterment of the business.  It has expertise in designing and manufacturing machines in relation to ointment/cream manufacturing plant, transfer pump, metering pump, filtration unit, cream manufacturing plant, fluid bed dryer, coating pan, spray coating machine, Vibro shifter, rapid mixer granulator and the list is a long one indeed.  This company over the years has a good repute of producing the best when it comes to business on a whole.

  • Prince Pharma Machinery Bombay

Incorporated in the year 2007 at Mumbai, Prince Pharma Machinery has the perfect expertise in providing impeccable quality of pharmaceutical machinery that are of world class standards.  Since its establishment, the company has paved itself to the top with a team of members who have a vision to think big and innovative in the field of pharmaceuticals.  Today they have an arsenal of some of the best machinery which includes manufacturing of fluid bed dryer, Vibro shifter, Mutlil mill, coating machine, starch paste kettle, Zero hold up filter press, tray dryer, Octagonal blender and much more.  This manufacturing unit is considered to be one of the finest in the business today.

pharma machinery manufacturers in navi mumbai

  • Mec Well Pharma Machinery Company – Mumbai

From Thane, Maharashtra Mec Well Pharma Machinery has the perfect capabilities and adequate infrastructure to design and develop some of the most needed pharmaceutical machinery that are of high quality and capable of producing volume productivity.  The company boost itself with manufacture of highly efficient machinery like blending machine, fluid bed dryers, Vibro shifter, blending vessel, liquid manufacturing plant, ointment plant, Ointment Manufacturing Plant, Pharmaceuticals Processing Plant, oral liquid manufacturing plant, pharmaceutical ovens, fermentation tank and the list is endless.  This company today stands as one of the finest manufacturing company and have been serving clients globally with trust and quality.  They have successfully marketed themselves with hard and dedication as one of the best in the business

There are other companies too like Chamunda Pharma Machinery Pvt. Ltd, Harish Pharma Engineeringm Pharma Fab Industries, S K Pharma Machinery Private Limited, Champion Pharma Machines and etc. from Mumbai who are considered to be equally capable, well trusted and rewound when it comes to manufacturing of Pharmaceutical machinery in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers in Ahmedabad -Pharma Machinery

Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad has always been a happening place since Independence.  In western India, it is the largest city in the state of Gujarat.  In terms of providing business there is no other state that can ever compete with Ahmedabad and has always been in the limelight for good reasons.  Today we look at some of the best Pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers in Ahmedabad and throw a light about their product and production unit as well.

Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

  • Prism Pharma Machinery

Prism is one of the most trusted brands in Ahmedabad when we speak about manufactures and exporters of pharmaceutical machinery.  Founded in the year 2003, this company with the advent of time has managed to excel its work activities and have successfully gained good reputation.  They provide a wide range of products that includes High Shear Mixer Granulator- RMG, Mass Mixer, Roto Cone Vacuum Dryer, Tablet Press – PTCMD4, Movable Hoist, Fluid Bed Dryer, Spraying System, Lab Scale Mini Tablet Press, Automatic Liquid Syrup Manufacturing, Inline Homogenizer, Preparation vessel, reactor & Storage and the list is endless.  Today Prism Pharma Machinery stands for its quality and goodwill.

  • Ambica Pharma Machines Private Limited

Ambica Pharma Machines Private Limited is considered to be among the best in manufacturing Pharmaceutical machinery from Ahmedabad.  They have a production unit which is well established in manufacturing wide variety of machinery.  The company boosts its capability in producing different types of machinery that includes vial washing machine, automatic high speed 8 head linear Vial liquid filling, 4 head Linear Vial liquid filling, Automatic high speed 2 head injectable liquid filling, powder and liquid filling combo, dry syrup filling machine, injectable powder filling machine, different types of cap sealing machines for pharmaceuticals, screw cap sealing machine, vial aluminum cap sealing machine and the list is endless.  Since its inception the company till date is growing and today stands as a trusted brand in the business.

  • Spark Tech India – pharmaceutical machinery

Spark technologies have always been in the limelight for providing supreme quality of pharmaceutical machinery that are of world-class quality.  Since its inception in the year 1999, this company has got many acclamation from its clients worldwide and today boots its capabilities of solidifying platform of excellence in business.  They provide quality product which includes different types of liquid filling machinery, heavy automatic high-speed syrup filling machinery, washing machines of different kind which are mostly automatic in nature, different types of cap sealing machines for pharmaceuticals and different other machinery that can really improve the quality of pharmaceutical products and its productivity as well.

Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

  • N K Industries

N K Industries situated in Ahmadabad, Gujarat is a pioneer in the field of pharmaceutical machinery production from a long time and hold a good repute for over 35 years which has simply help them to establish a trust between the client and themselves on the global platform.  Their products are of high quality and impeccable productivity.  Some of their products include tablet pill capsule counting filling machine, Auger powder filling machine, capping machine, Ropp capping machine, washing machine, Injectable dry powder filling machine, screw capping machine and many more which rightly have high demands in today’s market.

On conclusion it can be easily said that these are some of the well trusted brands from Ahmedabad that have gained much popularity through their quality productivity.  There are other names too which are equally best whose activities and productivity are as vibrant as that of the above.  All in all, Ahmedabad truly stands as one of the best pharmaceutical machinery manufacturing production hub.

Bhubaneswar Pharma Companies List – Odisha || Orissa Pharmaceutical Industries

Bhubaneswar Pharma Companies List - Odisha || Orissa Pharmaceutical Industries

Bhubaneswar Pharma companies List: Today, in India the pharmaceutical industry can be characterised as a high-technology industry with very deep historical roots – which were less scientific at least when considered with today’s measures – dating back to the ancient Egyptians. Cuttack-Bhubaneswar region constitutes the most developed part of Orissa as this zone is considered as the business centre of the state.  The first pharmaceutical unit in the area emerged under the patronage of Utkal Gourav Madhusudan Das in the early 20th century. Till date, the existing oldest pharmaceutical cluster is M/s Novo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Limited, Industrial Estate Cuttack. The units started were thriving primarily through the supply of drugs from outside the state. As the state is most vulnerable to natural calamities and the government requires an adequate supply of drugs for calamity-hit areas within 1-2 days, dependency on the outside firms wasn’t the solution. The promoters of the unit visualized the scenario and opted for setting the pharmaceutical industry with purely manual manufacturing processes. Since mid-80’s, the semi-mechanised process was adopted and the number of units has been steadily increasing, owing to the orders received from the State government and other public sector institutions for their in-house hospitals and dispensaries as well the demand of medicines in the low-end rural markets of the state.

Bhubaneswar – Odisha || Orissa Pharmaceutical Industries

Here we are showing the list of core firms of the pharmaceutical industry of Bhubaneswar:-

  • Chilika Pharmaceutical Lab, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • Laxmi Health Care, MIE, Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar Pharma Companies List - Odisha || Orissa Pharmaceutical Industries

  • M/s Easter Drug, Satyanagar, BBSR

Orissa Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Orissa Drugs & Chemicals Limited, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 0674 258 0250
  • M/s Arogya Pharmaceuticals, MIG-136, Sailashree Vihar, C.S. Pur, BBSR
  • M/s Eastern India Pharmaceutical Laboratory, Mg. Part. -Sri Umakanta Rath, B-22, I.E,Bhubaneswar
  • Kingsy Pharmaceuticals, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 0674 258 0265
  • M/s Kusum chemicals & pharmaceuticals, Plot No.s-3/21,Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Nucleus-A, Bhubaneswar
  • Abicee Pharmaceuticals pvt Ltd, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 0674 258 0307

Bhubaneswar Pharma Companies List – Odisha || Orissa Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Avon Laboratories, Bijipur, Khandagiri, BBSr, Tamando.
  • BG PHARMACEUTICAL, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 0674 258 5454
  • Nodex Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 094396 54321

Bhubaneswar Pharma Companies List 

  • Rahul Industries, Pl. No.40, Sector-A, Zone-D, MIE, Bhubaneswar.
  • Pharma Franchisse, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 099969 93139
  • Galaxy Medicare Limited, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 0674 258 0543
  • Shiva Pharmaceuticals, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 0674 253 1465
  • Pharmonix Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 0674 246 0918
  • Vikas Pharmaceuticals, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 0674 253 3224
  • Narayan Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 0674 258 0370
  • C’ESTLAVIE PHARMA, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 0674 230 3185
  • D. Pharmaceuticals, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 0674 253 6051
  • Subhash Pharmaceuticals, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 0674 253 0863
  • Trinetra Pharmaceuticals, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 0674 253 4075
  • Tirumula Agencies, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 0674 235 4981
  • Clifford Pharmaceuticals, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 0674 254 6340
  • Kores India Private Limited, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 0674 254 4734
  • Frank Ross Pharmacy Bhubaneswar, PLOT NO:-M/1, KHATA NO. 276
  • Indsaff, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • 0674 274 3265
  • Pharmonix pharmaceuticals, Lot No: 1928, Guru Bishnu Nilaya,Kishan Nagar Canal Road,Near Saptasati Temple
  • 094372 38917

Present Scenario:-

Overall 54 pharmaceutical units are running in the region. They are manufacturing both generic as well as proprietary drugs and formulations. Most industries are engaged in the manufacturing of products for the general ailments like malaria, filaria, gastroenteritis, diarrhoea, etc, which are prevalent in Orissa. As such they are much dependant on the local market and government purchases, in particular. However, 4 units thrive exclusively on the open market and have their limited presence in neighbouring states. Among the main proprietor owned units, there is one state-run unit (ODCL) co-owned by IPICOL and IDPL which has been declared as a sick unit and referred to BIFR for compensation. The unit possesses huge plant and machinery resources lying un-utilized. The estimated employment being provided by the cluster is to about 1000 persons directly and to another 500+ persons indirectly.

List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Delhi Noida Pdf Pharma Manufacturing Industries

List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Delhi Noida Pdf Pharma Manufacturing Industries

List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Delhi: India could make its place in the global pharmaceuticals sector because of the large pool of potential scientists and engineers steering the industry ahead to a higher level. The pharmacist has to be a protagonist in medicine management and as an overall health care programmer rather than a role of mere dispenser of drugs. The pharmaceutical practice sectors have the requirement of technically and clinically skilled pharmacy professionals capable enough to face global challenges or to compete with the multinationals. Several pharmacy companies targeting pipeline of specialty drugs, niche molecules and complex therapies have ramped up their R&D spend, despite these challenges.

The capital city of India i.e. New Delhi is also one of those points where the pharmaceutical industry is thriving. Nearly 50,000 patients are treated in the 34 hospitals and several dispensaries, polyclinics and local clinics run by the Delhi government. Lok Nayak, which is Delhi government’s biggest tertiary care hospital, has a single medicine counter being run by nursing staff for dispensing medicines for patients coming to the emergency department. Delhi is up for online pharmacies to keep pace with the ongoing demands. India has about 50 e-pharmacy start-ups that have raised $92.6 million in funding.  The new opportunity is exciting in this sub-sector and there are companies doubling their efforts to refine their search for employees to do on-the-ground. Experts said the growth of the online sector exceeds 10% and funding is one of the main reasons driving recruitment.

Below is the List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Delhi:


  • Advik Laboratories Ltd; #203 & 106-07, Allied House, LSC, Madangir
  • Phone: +91-11-41649171, 41649173
  • Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), NCUI Building 3, Siri Institutional Area, August Kranti Marg
  • Phone: +91-11-26513204, 26514572, 26534186
  • Ahlcon Parenterals India Ltd; #4, Community Centre, Saket
  • Phone: +91-11-65641898, 41664016
  • Akum Drugs and Pharmaceuticals; #307, Mohan Palace II, L.S.C. Block, near Mother Diary, Saraswathi Vihar
  • Phone: +91-11-27011448
  • Ambica Research & Development Pvt Ltd, A-24, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase I
  • Phone: +91-11-40703333
  • ANIMATE PHARMA, Wz-46/4 A, Mukherjee Park Extension,, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi – 110018
  • Website:
  • Apothecaries Sundries Mfg. Co. ASCO House, 13, Community Centre, Behind Canara Bank, Maya Puri Phase I
  • Phone: +91-11-45511541, 25429633, 25410007
  • Arbro Pharmaceuticals Ltd, #6/14, Kirti Nagar, Industrial Area
  • Phone: +91-11-45854585
  • Arosol Chemicals P. Ltd, B-4, Industrial Estate, Delhi Road, Saharanpur
  • Website:
  • ATLAS Laboratories & Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Ghalib Institute, Mata Sundri Lane
  • Phone: +91-11-23234391/98

List Of Pharmaceutical Companies In Delhi Pdf

  • Avikar laboratories (p) ltd, #244,Vardhman Plaza, Sector-4, Dwarka, Newdelhi.
  • Phone: +91-9999776510
  • Ayurvet Ltd, 6th Floor, Sagar Plaza, District Centre, Vikas Marg, Laxmi Nagar
  • Phone: +91-11-22455992, 22455993, 22455994
  • BACFO Pharmaceuticals (India) Ltd, AKC House, E-27, Defence Colony
  • Phone: +91-11-24339900 24339700
  • Beckcem Drug International Pvt Ltd, J-16b, Part-II, Central Market, Lajpat Nagar
  • Phone: +91-11-46515952, 41716102, 46515955
  • Bharat Pharma Ltd, Indraprakash (2nd Floor), Barakhamba Road
  • Phone: +91-11-23321823, 23321832, 23321334
  • Bi Biotech India Pvt. Ltd, #328, Ansal Chamber II, 6 Bhikaji Cama Place
  • Phone: +91-11-26101271
  • Boston Scientific International B.V, #100A, The Capital Court of Palme Marg, Munirka
  • Phone: +91-11-26180263, 26180264
  • Brawn Pharmaceuticals Ltd, #4/4B, Asaf Ali Road, II Floor, Delhi Stock Exchange Building
  • Phone: +91-11-32911529, 32911528

List Of Pharmaceutical Companies In New Delhi Pdf

  • Care International, N-19, Green Park Extension,
  • Phone: +91-11-26186724 26186524
  • Carewell Biotech Pvt Ltd, #1306, Vikrant Tower, 4 Rajendra Place
  • Phone: +91-11-41539602
  • Central Council for Research in Ayurveda & Siddha, Jawahar Lal Nehru Bhartiya Chikitsa Avum Homeopathy Anusandhan Bhavan,, # 61-65, Institutional Area, Opposite D Block, Janakpuri
  • Phone: +91-11-28525852
  • Combii Organochem Pvt Ltd, #33, DSEDC Phase II, Scheme III, Okhla
  • Phone: +91-11-26387845, 26386496, 23706095, 23706096
  • Cooper Pharma Pvt Ltd, #12/12 Shakti Nagar
  • Phone: +91-11- 23653537 -38- 39, 27371461(Fact)
  • Cross Laboratories Pvt Ltd, I-14, Shivlok House-1, Karampura Commercial Complex
  • Phone: +91-11-25920681
  • Cyno Pharmaceuticals Ltd, C-50, Preet Vihar
  • Phone: +91-11-32600010, 22047296
  • Datt Mediproducts Ltd, 56, Community Centre, East of Kailash
  • Phone: +91-11-26443447, 26443459
  • Dewinter Optical Inc., #2/15,3rd Floor, Main Patel Road, West Patel Nagar
  • Phone: +91-11-32931339, 25888332, 25888334
  • Eastern Medikit Ltd, #3, Dr. G. C. Narang Marg
  • Phone: +91-11-27662915/16, 27667131/734/845
  • Electronic Regional Test Laboratories (ERTL), S-Block, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II
  • Phone: +91-11-26385976, 26386219, 26384400
  • Euphorie Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, Vth Floor, Gedore House, 51-52 Nehru Place
  • Phone: +91-11-41607060
  • Gaurav Pharma Pvt Ltd, #201-202, Suneja Tower II, District Centre Janak Puri
  • Phone: +91-11-25591435
  • Gracure Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Gracure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 71/5, Shivaji Marg, New Delhi – 110015
  • Website:
  • Hysel India Pvt Ltd, #1405/14th Floor, 43 Nehru Place
  • Phone: +91-11-26227801, 26227802, 26227803, 26227804, 26227805
  • India Trade Promotion Organisation, Fairs in India Division Pragati Bhawan Pragati Maidan, New Delhi: 110 001
  • Website:
  • International Panaacea Ltd, E-34, 2nd Floor, Connaught Place
  • Phone: +91-11-23418880
  • ITL Labs Pvt Ltd, B- 283-284, Mangolpuri Industrial Area, Phase-I
  • Phone: +91-11-27915654, 27922833
  • Mitra & Co. Pvt Ltd, A-180,181 Industrial Area, Okhla Phase-1,
  • Phone: +91-11-26818971, 26818973, 26813995
  • Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals Ltd, T-210 J, Shahpur Jat
  • Phone: +91-11-26494519
  • JHS Svendgaard Laboratories Ltd, B-1/E-23, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Area, Mathura Road
  • Phone: +91-11-30885601
  • Kee Pharma Ltd, A-1, Community Centre, Naraina Industrial Area
  • Phone: +91-11-25892462
  • Lasersec India Pvt Ltd, #5C/9, Ist Floor, new Rohtak Road, Karol Bagh
  • Phone: +91-11-28711716
  • Life Medicare & Biotech Pvt Ltd, A-2, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road
  • Phone: +91-11-26950311
  • Lustraprint Process Pvt Ltd, B-249, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase-I
  • Phone: +91-11-41410210, 41410213
  • Maharishi Ayurveda Corporation Ltd, A -14, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road
  • Phone: +91-11-26959401, 26959403
  • Mankind Pharma Ltd, #236, Okhla, Phase –III
  • Phone: +91-11-46541400 (30 Lines)
  • Mavens Biotech Ltd, A-56/a Lajpat Nagar – II, 1st Floor,
  • Phone: +91-11-41720778
  • Max Neeman International, Max House, GF-1,Dr. Jha Marg, Okhla
  • Phone: +91-11-26322816
  • Medicamen Biotech Ltd, #10 Community Centre, # 2 Ashok Vihar Phase-II
  • Phone: +91-11-27463506, 27240610, 27240578
  • Medikit Ltd, #3, Dr. G. C. Narang Marg
  • Phone: +91-11-2766713, 27662916
  • Medors Biotech Pvt Ltd, Biotech House: D-1/3, Rana Pratap Bagh
  • Phone: +91-11-27843109
  • Mentis Pharma Ltd, B 257 Ist Floor Naraina-I
  • Phone: +91-11-25897450
  • Modi Mundipharma Ltd (Modi Group), #1400, Modi Tower 98, Nehru Place
  • Phone: +91-11-42504555
  • Multani Pharmaceuticals Ltd, H-36, Connaught Place
  • Phone: +91-11-23350062
  • National Pharmaceuticals Pricing Authority, 5th / 3rd Floor, YMCA Cultural Centre, Building1, Jai Singh Road
  • Phone: +91-11-23345116, 23345118
  • Neeman Medical International, Max House, Ground Floor-1, Dr. Jha Marg, Okhla-III
  • Phone: +91-11-26322816
  • Nestor Pharmaceuticals Ltd, B-24/3, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II
  • Phone: +91-11-41616377
  • Oriental Edumed Pvt Ltd, #244, Verdhman Plaza, Sect-4, Dwarka, New Delhi- 10075
  • OSIM India, I. L.S.C., Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II
  • Phone: +91 11 41070000, 41070070
  • Ozone Ayurvedics, Ozone House, I, L.S.C, Block A-3, Janak Puri
  • Phone: +91-11-45549000
  • Panacea Biotech Ltd, B-1 Extension A-27, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road
  • Phone: +91-11-41678000, 26945270, 26974500
  • Professional Biotech Pvt Ltd, G/167-B, G Block, Hari Nagar, P. O Box # 9663
  • Phone: +91-11-25594124 25517064
  • Promed Group, #208, Ashirwad Commercial Complex, D-1, Green Park
  • Phone: +91-11-26863503, 26868878, 26863286
  • Qualtra Pharma P Ltd, Unit 23, Plot 5, Dr Sandeep Complex, Pitampura, New Delhi 34
  • Website:
  • Qualtran, #106, Ground Flore, World Trade Center, C.P
  • Phone: +91-11-41011518
  • Quantum Market Research Pvt Ltd, Plot # 7, Pocket-6-7, Local Shopping Centre, Sec-C, Vasant Kunj
  • Phone: +91-11-46038662, 46038663
  • R P L India Pharma Pvt Ltd, D 8/6, Okhla, Phase-I
  • Phone: +91-11-26371400
  • Radhicura Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, B-117, Okhla, I A, Phase-I
  • Phone: +91-11-26811056, 26816033
  • RFCL Ltd, A-3, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I
  • Phone: +91-11-41609171 41609172 41609175
  • Sanat Products Ltd, 3rd Floor, Sagar Plaza, Laxmi Nagar District Centre, Vikas Marg
  • Phone: +91-11-22518794, 22518795, 22518796
  • SBL Pvt Ltd, SBL House 2, Commercial complex, Shrestha Vihar
  • Phone: +91-11-22161934
  • Seagull Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd, #411-412, Imperial Tower, C Block Community Centre, Naraina Vihar
  • Phone: +91-11-25779170, 25779546
  • Siochem Pharma pvt ltd, Bg6/105a , DDA Market, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi
  • Phone: +91-11-42316832, 33,34

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies In Delhi

  • Spectris Technologies Pvt. Ltd, 6th Floor, Ambadeep Building, K G Mg, CP
  • Phone: +91-11-23326473
  • Spectro Analytical Labs Pvt Ltd, E-41, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-II,
  • Phone: +91-11-41611000, 40522000
  • Stryker India Pvt Ltd, C-5 First Floor, SDA Commercial Complex
  • Phone: +91-11-26866740
  • Surgeine Healthcare India Pvt Ltd, #101 Vardhaman Tru Plaza, CU block, Pitampura
  • Phone: +91-11-47552462
  • Synokem Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Synokem House, 14/486, Sunder Vihar, Outer Ring Road, Paschim Vihar
  • Phone: +91-11-25271800, 25271809, 25287839
  • Systopic Laboratories Pvt Ltd, #101, Pragati Chamber, Commercial Complex, Ranjit Nagar
  • Phone: +91-11-25703007, 25700336
  • Spiritual World Ltd, TSW Centre, A-41/A, Road # 1, Mahipalpur Chowk
  • Phone: +91-11-26782036, 26782037, 29847741
  • Techfab International, #507, Eros Apartments, 56, Nehru Place
  • Phone: +91-11-26415961 26411931
  • The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), V. Ramalingaswami Bhawan, Ansari Nagar
  • Phone: +91-11-26588895, 26588980

List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Delhi Noida Pdf Pharma Manufacturing Industries

  • Tinna Oils & Chemicals Ltd, # 6 Sultanpur, Mandi Road, Mehrauli
  • Phone: +91-11-32963214 32959599 32959600
  • Titan BioTech Ltd, A-2/3, IIIrd Floor, Lusa Tower, Azadpur Commercial Complex
  • Phone: +91-11-27677960, 27674615, 27670742
  • Unicorn Medident Pvt Ltd, #3 Local Shopping Centre, Mor land near J Block, DDA Market, new Rajinder Nagar
  • Phone: +91-11-45551200
  • Unimarck Healthcare Ltd (UHL), S-49, II Floor, Rajouri Garden
  • Phone: +91-11-41444435, 41444436

List Of Pharmaceutical Companies In Greater ‘Noida

  • United Biotech Pvt Ltd, FC/B-1 (Extension), Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road
  • Phone: +91-11-40651100, 66403098
  • Welcure Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd, #301-305, Mohan Place, L.S.C., Block-C, Saraswati Vihar
  • Phone: +91-11-27011315, 27011318, 27011321, 27011312, 27011448
  • Win Medicare Ltd (Modi Group), #1400, Modi Tower 98, Nehru Place
  • Phone: +91-11-66504555
  • Wings Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, J-13, Udyog Nagar Industrial Area
  • Phone: +91-11-25182243, 25186555
  • Zius Medicron, G-12/13, St. # 2 D.E.E, New Delhi-110045
  • Website:

Currently, companies are pulling talent from retailers for functions like reading prescriptions and they’re going to look at traditional pharmacies. E-pharmacies are looking for medical roles specifically of pharmacists, botanists, as well as marketing and tech experts. CEO of, Pradeep Dadha, told that the employee strength will be twice from the existing count. He quoted “We are looking to hire pharmacists and increase our warehousing facilities”.

PCI being the educationist regulatory body in pharmacy has the vision to strengthen and upgrade the pharmacy curriculum to produce competent pharmacist workforce. To enable to meet the growing demands of the industry and community and a step towards this direction PCI has proposed and submitted some amendments to the Pharmacy Act to the concerned department.

Pharmaceutical Companies in Mumbai – PDF List of Bombay Pharma Industries

Pharmaceutical companies in Mumbai Bombay

Pharmaceutical Companies in Mumbai: Mumbai, the capital state of Maharashtra is the largest and densely populated city of India. Being the third largest state of the country, Maharashtra stretches over 307,690 sq km with a total population of 96.9 million. With its core urbanization, the key industrial clusters within the state are vast making it the financial capital of the nation. The major industries existing are petrochemicals, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, financial services, media and entertainment, IT & its Enabled Services (outsourcing) along with textiles. The Western State of India i.e. Maharashtra has become a prime point for the Indian pharmaceutical industry for over 100 years.

The development of the biopharmaceutical cluster in Maharashtra has formed within the three stages- one is Pre-independence, the second is from 1947 to 1990 and third is 1991 to current phase. All these phases correspond to the major events such as India’s independence in 1947, Balance of Payment Crisis in 1990.  Today, Maharashtra accounts for 35% of India’s biotech revenues with the expansion territory of over 70 companies spread throughout the state. Leading national companies like Wockhardt, Nicholas Piramal and Intas as well a number of large international companies find their in-house base of pharma production here. Moreover, the port city Mumbai is leading Maharashtra’s Biopharmaceutical industry as the State Municipal Corporations is concentrated to fulfil its responsibility in large urban areas with regard to health and hygiene.

Below are the details of Pharmaceutical Companies in Mumbai

 List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Mumbai

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

SUN HOUSE CTS No. 201, B/1, Western Express Hwy

022 4324 4324


B/4 Laxmi Towers, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (E)

022 6640 2222

Lupin Limited

Kalptaru Inspire, 5th Floor, Off Western Express Highway, 400 055, Pipeline Rd

159, Jasmine Building, C S T Road, Kalina, Santacruz East

022 6640 2323

U S Vitamine India Ltd

No 22-B, Rsb Devshi Marg, Deonar

022 2556 4048

Haffkine Bio Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited

Acharya Donde Marg

022 2412 9320

Abbott India Limited

271, Business Park, Model Industrial Colony, Off Aarey Road, Goregaon (E)

022 2871 7400

Pharmaceutical companies in Mumbai Bombay

Centaur Pharmaceuticals Limited

Kumar Engineering Works Compound, Kalina, Santacruz East

022 2665 3808

Centaur Pharmaceuticals

Centaur House, Near Grand Hyatt, Shanti Nagar

022 6649 9100

USV Private Limited

BSD Marg, Station Road

022 2556 4048

List of Pharmaceutical Industries in Bombay



Plot No. 29-33, Ancillary Industrial Plots, Govandi West

022 2552 6500

Tulip Lab Pvt. Ltd.

1084, B-Wing, Oberoi Garden Estate, Next to Chandivali Studio, Andheri(east)

022 6688 4949

Modepro India Pvt Ltd

409, Bezzola Complex, V N Purav Marg, Sion-trombay Road, Chembur, Chembur

022 2522 1698

MSD Pharmaceuticals India Private Limited

Platina, 8th Floor, C.59, G Block BKC, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East

022 6789 8888

Bombay Pharma Equipments Pvt. Ltd

Gala No. 2, P.V.K. Compound, Laxmi Narayan Mandir Marg,, Kherani Road, Sakinaka

022 2852 1608

Orex Pharma Pvt Ltd

Pisal House, Nakhwa Compound, Stadium Road, Near CIDCO Bus Stand, Thane West

022 2533 3379


Hemmo Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.

113,114 & 115, Turf Estate, 3/65, Off Dr. E. Moses Road, Mahalaxmi

022 4354 6200

Vaishali Pharma Limited

Aravali Business Centre, R.C.Patel Road ,, Off. Sodawala Lane , Roshan Nagar, Borivali West

022 4217 1819


Serdia Pharmaceuticals (India) Pvt. Ltd

Serdia House, Off, Dr SS Rao Marg

022 2416 2726

CBC Pharma

501, 502, The Bureau, R.C. Marg, Near Chembur Naka, Chembur (East)

022 2529 0135


Glow Pharma Pvt. Ltd

Glow Pharma Pvt. Ltd. 101, B-Wing, Prathamesh Apartment, Gundawali Azad Rd

022 2683 8963

Prachi Pharmaceuticals Private Limited

11/1, Rakhangi Mahal, Opposite Wadia Childrens hospital, Acharya Donde Marg, Parel East

022 2413 1362

Rusan Pharma Ltd.

58-D, Government Industrial Estate, Charkop, Kandivli (W)

022 2868 2515, 022 2868 7035

Titan Pharma India Pvt Ltd

A/01-GF & A/101, Plot No.120, Anand Bhavan, Spectrum Building, R. B. Mehta Marg, Ghatkopar (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400077

022 6785 7000

Miracalus Pharma Private Limited

213, Shivai Dongre Industrial Premises, Andheri – Kurla Road, Andheri(E)

088980 10616

Enem Nostrum Remedies Pvt Ltd

102,103, Gayatri Commercial Complex, Behind Mittal Industrial Estate, Marol, Andheri East

022 4040 5000

Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Next to Onida House, G-2, Mahakali Caves Rd

022 6113 2900

Bell Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

119/7, 2nd Floor, Vimal Udyog Bhavan, Taikalwadi Road, Matunga Road West, Opposite Star City Cinema, Taikalwadi Road

022 2430 4878

Bimal Pharma Pvt Ltd

12, Indraprastha, 1-d, Raheja Township, Jitendra Road, Malad E, Jitendra Road

022 2877 6031

Intermed Pharmaceuticals

A3 Todi Industrial Estate, Sunmill Compound, Opp. Pheonix Mills, Lower Parel west

022 4047 9444

Signet Chemical Corporation Pvt. Ltd

A-801, Crescenzo C/38-39, G-Block, Bandra Kurla Complex

022 6146 2725

VIVAN Life Sciences Pvt. Limited

511, Lodha Supremus, Road Number 22, Wagle Estate, Thane West

022 2587 0080


Pell Tech Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

202, Sonmur Apartment, Daruwala Compound, S. V. Road, Malad (W)

022 6752 5354

List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Andheri West

G C Chemie Pharmie Limited

5/C, Shree Laxmi Industrial Estate,, New Link Road,, Andheri West

022 6708 1090


Plot no E, Dosti Pinnacle, Unit No. 1001, 10th Floor, 7, Rd Number 22

022 6766 2000


CTS No.117-B L & T Business Park, Saki Vihar Rd

022 2803 2000

Srinidhi Engineers

Office A-321, Corporate Avenue, Sonawala Road, Goregaon(East),

022 2685 6894

Kalash Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

32/253, Old Anand Nagar, Nehru Road, Santacruz East

086573 32296

 Andheri East Pharma Companies

Encube Ethicals Private Limited

Unit No. 24, Steelmade Indl Estate, Marol, Andheri East

022 6228 8000

Arch Pharmalabs Limited

Plant No. 541 A, ‘Arch House’, A.G. House, Marol Maroshi Road, Gamdevi, Marol, Andheri East

022 3308 9200

Sigma Laboratories Ltd.

Sigma House, 43 S Wadala

022 2418 1609

Parenteral Drugs (India) Limited

340, Laxmi Plaza, Link Rd

022 6172 5900

Aastrid International Pvt. Ltd.

247-248, Udyog Bhavan, Sonawala Lane, Goregaon (East)

022 2685 8570

Pinnacle Biomed Pvt. Ltd

202, India Printing House, 42 G.D. Ambekar Marg, Wadala (W)

022 4054 1616

 Bombay Pharma Companies

Shamrock Pharmachemi Pvt. Ltd.

83 E, Hansraj Pragji Building, Off Dr. E. Moses Road, Worli

022 4077 8877

Hovione India

Nirlon Complex, M05, Regus, RTech Park, 13th floor Off, Western Express Hwy


Abbott Diabetes Care

3-4, Corporate Park, Sion-Trombay Road, Chembur

022 6797 9000

Santé’ Life Care

114 and 115, B wing, Morya House, off. Oshiwara Link Road, Andheri (West)

098190 47763

Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India

Peninsula Chambers, Ground Floor, Peninsula Corporate Park, G.K. Marg, Lower Parel

022 2491 8123

UCB India Private Limited

504, Peninsula Towers, G.K. Marg, Lower Parel – West

022 4049 1111

Vaishali Pharmachem

B-201, Neeldhara Appartment, Manpadeshwar Ind Premises, Prem Nagar, Off S.V Road, Borivali West, Mumbai – 400092

022 2892 8833

THINQ Pharma

A30, Road No. 10, MIDC, Wagle Estate

096704 07188

VIVAN Life Sciences Pvt. Limited.

511, Lodha Supremus, Rd.No.22, Wagle Industrial Estate, Thane West

022 2544 4584

Devson Impex Private Limited

Gr-24, T V Industrial Estate, 248, Worli Road, S.K.Ahire Marg, Behind Glaxo,

022 2495 3501

Delcure Lifesciences Limited

3rd Floor, Plot No: A-112, Kerom, Near State Bank of India, Road No 22, Wagle Industrial Estate, Thane (W)

022 2581 6700

Safari Industries (India) Ltd

302-303, ‘A’ Wing, The Qube CTS No.1498, A/2, Sir Mathuradas Vasanji Rd

098195 47085

Johnson Controls India Pvt. Ltd

401-501, B wing, Business Square, Andheri- Kurla Road, Andheri – East

022 6683 7000

Sanjivani Paranteral Ltd‎

205, P N Kothari Industrial Estate, L B S Marg, Bhandup (W)

022 6729 0900


Sartorius (India) Private Limited

C207/208, Bhaveshwar Plaza,L B S Mg, Ghatkopar(W)

022 2500 4948

Spraytech Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd

Spraytech House, Plot: A- 132, Road No. 23, Spraytech Circle

022 2582 8929

Yash Pharmacy

215, Road Number 22, Sathe Nagar, Hanuman Nagar, Wagle Industrial Estate, Thane West

099671 64117



Present Scenario:

Mumbai is highly urbanized with 42% of the state population living in urban areas. The existence of 3 biotech parks with the support of both the state and central governments has been very important to the inhabitants as it provides the independent electricity generators that in turn ensure the consistency of supply. For the producers, the superior amenities of the parks translate to a cost advantage because of allied local low-cost equipment fabrication.

According to the source from McKinsey Global Institute, the percentage of the deprived population in 1985 will reduce significantly from 93% to an estimated level of 22 %, by 2025 thereby increasing the size of the middle class. Growing middle class with rising income levels will shift the consumption patterns from basic necessities to discretionary items. It would include the health expenditure (13% of household income) featuring high in the consumption basket.

Pharmaceutical Companies in Pune List PDF – Pharma Mfg Industries Vacancies Jobs

Pharmaceutical companies in Pune

Pharmaceutical Companies in Pune: Major drug companies in India are increasingly turning to biotechnology for new products to fuel growth. Maharashtra’s pharmaceutical industry is concentrated in urban areas such as Mumbai and Pune. Pune is another major city 120km away from Mumbai of about 2.5 million people and is the centre of Biopharmaceutical activity in the state.  As Maharashtra along with many Indian states is quite large in terms of population comparable to larger European countries, therefore, the governance structure is intervened by the national and state levels. The Serum Institute of India, one of the oldest Indian firms and largest biopharmaceutical company in the country, is based in Pune. It is the largest manufacturer of vaccines and sera in the world and claims to reach one-fourth of the world’s children. Pune being the focus of the cluster is a hub for the exchange of scientific ideas and provide University students access to the latest Indian biotech research.

Advantages of Pune as a Pharma cluster:

  • Skilled manpower includes a large pool of low-cost English speaking skilled labour. Presence of Research Centres in the cluster count over 10 National research organizations that make it a place for R & D base.

  • Due to its excellent harbour facilities, Maharashtra made an established state for trade and commerce. Several migrants took the lead in starting successful firms like Tata Sons, Wockhardt and the Serum Institute who are major players in life sciences and biopharmaceuticals.

  • The Central Drug Standard Control Organization, Maharashtra’s own Food and Drug Authority adhere to standards for the companies within the cluster. The cluster benefits from the presence of an active International government sector in the form of UNICEF, WHO, PAHO the key buyers of vaccines for developing countries.

List of  Pharmaceutical Companies in Pune

Below are the details of Pharmaceutical Companies in Pune

Sharangdhar Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2693 0621

The Varma Pharmacy

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2687 2051

Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2699 3900

Cyclone Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd

Pune, Maharashtra

020 6529 6565

Therapeia Pharmaceuticals Private Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

Sava Medica Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

020 3051 6161

Eisen Pharmaceuticals

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2543 1174

Agon Pharma Private Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2553 7648

Bayberry Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.

Pune, Maharashtra

090210 33123


A J Organica Private Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

090116 99898

Hindustan Antibiotics Limited

Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra

020 2730 3560

Pharmaceutical Companies in Maharastra

Sharangdhar Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Pune (Clinic)

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2443 2266

Serum Biotec Ltd

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2545 8481

Indrayani Biotech Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2566 2021

Latras Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2421 6099

Iatros Pharmaceuticals Private Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2426 8682

Borachem Industries Private Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2553 3211

Sinsan Pharmaceuticals

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2566 5700

Indu Pharma

Pune, Maharashtra

098225 47709, 077580 00123

Lupin Limited

Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra

020 6791 7400


Bilcare Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

020 3025 7793

SM Biosystems

Pune, Maharashtra

020 6470 1545

Therapeia Pharmaceuticals Private Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

Paras Chemical Industries

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2645 0001

F D C Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2698 9196

MSD Animal Health

Pune, Maharashtra

020 6605 0400

Infugen Pharma Pvt. Ltd

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2612 7692


Austin Health Care

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2689 0330

Brihans Laboratories Private Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2712 4796

Nakoda Pharma

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2421 5602

MITCON Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Center

Pune, Maharashtra

020 6628 9452


Pune, Maharashtra

084464 18320

Genesis Remedies

Pune, Maharashtra

020 3267 1418

Auro Pharmaceuticals & Fine Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2447 5340

Maple Biotech Private Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

020 3062 8103


Pune, Maharashtra

099164 79726

Cure Medicines India Pvt Ltd

Pune, Maharashtra

020 3068 3207

Gladwell Pharma

Pune, Maharashtra

090110 60977

Pharmaceutical Companies in Pune PDF

Hindustan Antibiotics Limited

Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra

020 2730 3560


Pune, Maharashtra

020 2444 4622

GenPharma International Pvt. Ltd.

Pune, Maharashtra

020 4071 0111, 097637 52005

Agio Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Bhosari, Maharashtra

020 4073 0000



Huvepharma SEA (Pune) Private Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2615 4193

Nulife Pharmaceuticals

Pune, Maharashtra

094225 00414


Pune, Maharashtra

020 2538 1136

Ardent Clinical Research Services

Pune, Maharashtra

020 4860 3277

Omni Protech Drugs pvt ltd

Pune, Maharashtra

020 6630 6930

Global Herbs Pharmaceuticals

Pune, Maharashtra

099229 93684

Huvepharma SEA (Pune) Private Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2615 4193

Heal-thy Self Pharmaceuticals

Pune, Maharashtra

077200 80687

Glocal Lifescience Private Limited

Pune, Maharashtra


Pune, Maharashtra

080070 98602

Oswal Pharmaceutical

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2446 3985

Sydler Group of Companies

Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra

020 4692 0101

Twilight Litaka Pharma Ltd

Pune, Maharashtra

020 3068 3726


Sandu Brothers Private Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2445 5796

Genees Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2436 8052

KRIDEEP Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Pune, Maharashtra

090281 08496


Pune, Maharashtra

020 2633 3885


Pune, Maharashtra

020 3045 3345

  1. R. Pharmaceuticals

Pune, Maharashtra

020 3049 2942

Siddhakala Enterprises

Pune, Maharashtra

088881 26771


Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd.,

Pune, Maharashtra

020 3982 1300

Relic Biotechnology Pvt. Ltd.

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2436 9500

Manfred Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2439 0561

Dbk Pharma

Pune, Maharashtra

088885 94790

Weltcare Lifesciences

Pune, Maharashtra

077200 82892


Care Pharmaceuticals

Pune, Maharashtra

098900 00582

Quality Excellence and Research Center

Pune, Maharashtra

020 6529 6565

Health Berry Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.

Pune, Maharashtra

099605 60515


Pune, Maharashtra

020 3045 3345

Hindustan Antibiotics Limited

Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra

020 2730 3560

Pratham Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Pune, Maharashtra

099210 09976

Kiran Pharmaceutical

Pune, Maharashtra

Bioved Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2439 5152

Ajay Bio-tech (India) Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2543 3429

Tawalkars Pharmaceuticals Private Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2292 2422

Karsan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Pune, Maharashtra

099213 91119

Pras Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2663 1119

Finer Pharmaceuticals

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2443 0105

Emerlion Pharma

Pune, Maharashtra

081492 62284

 Pharmaceutical Companies in Pune Contact number

Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Pune, Maharashtra

020 3061 3000

Chandan Pharmaceuticals

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2447 5766

Govdow Chem & Pharmaceutical Co

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2636 0244

Prakash Pharmaceuticals

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2447 8553

Indus Biotech Private Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

020 6478 5063

Pharma QA

Pune, Maharashtra

020 6529 6565

Attis Wellness

Pune, Maharashtra


020 6728 9200

Brinton Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Pune, Maharashtra

091677 72920

Fidelity Life Sciences

Pune, Maharashtra

090961 66910

A J Organica Private Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

090116 99898

Pureca Laboratories Ltd.

Pune, Maharashtra

011 2526 9467


Rajan Pharmaceuticals

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2747 6481

Smithkline Beecham Consumer Health

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2668 3478

YWAM Pharma

Pune, Maharashtra

083788 54022


Pune, Maharashtra

020 6500 1222

Soham Traders

Pune, Maharashtra

091607 18690

Shubha Pharma

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2447 6549

Kailas Associates

Pune, Maharashtra

020 2712 0966

Geosmatic C & C Pvt Ltd

Pune, Maharashtra

077740 77252

Pharmaceutical Companies in Pune Address

Cian Health Care Private Limited

Pune, Maharashtra

020 4147 1234

Pharmaceutical companies in Pune 

Scigen Biopharmaceuticals

International Biotech Park, Pune, Maharashtra,


Present Scenario:

Maharashtra at the helm of industrial growth stands at 40% current GDP/capita (at constant prices) higher than the other states.  Over 4100 registered pharmaceutical firms and 70 biotech firms thrive in Maharashtra. Initially, firms were located close to animal farms in Mumbai and Pune because of dependency of horse blood for plasma to produce anti-toxins. Later, the Indian government allowed duty-free imports of biological material for export purposes for uniformity of firms.

For future development of Maharashtra, the government should provide matching grants, increase research programs, upgrade laboratories and provide incentives for firms to collaborate with local institutions. More companies are to widen the scope of their relationship with academia by inviting representation from Universities to industry associations.

Pharmaceutical Companies in Lucknow – UP India LKO Pharma Manufacturers

Pharmaceutical Companies in Lucknow - UP India LKO Pharma Manufacturers

Pharmaceutical Companies in Lucknow: The Indian Pharmaceutical sector is greatly influenced by exports and is the 3rd largest foreign exchange earner for India. Uttar Pradesh is that state of India reporting population size of over 200 million with Lucknow being the capital city. Uttar Pradesh has nearly 17% market share of national sale in terms of value. It is India’s 3rd largest economy and largest consumer market. Among all sectors, the pharma sector has been the most neglected in Uttar Pradesh with only a few companies having their manufacturing units in the state. Hence with a concrete step this year, the state government is more than willing to extend all support to the pharmaceutical sector to make UP a hub of pharma industries. The pharma parks would be set up in several selected districts. The industrial panorama in the state is encouraging and reflects the potential for considerable growth in the pharma sector. The state has favourable factors of production to facilitate the development of the pharma sector including the availability of raw material and skilled, unskilled labour.

The government has proposed greenfield pharmaceutical parks in Kanpur, Lakhimpur Kheri, Hardoi, Shahjahapur and Ghaziabad. These parks would be developed by private developers for the manufacture of medicines and surgical equipment.  The cluster will be equipped with ready-to-use infrastructural facilities such as common testing laboratories, cold storages, effluent treatment plants and other basic amenities built on ‘walk to work’ concept. Research laboratories, diagnostic centres, common facility centres, godowns of pharma companies, hostels and a power station for uninterrupted power supply are included. The State will encourage the developers to build quality testing facilities meeting requirement of API/Formulation Lab and standards of Quality Council of India.

Pharmaceutical Companies in Lucknow – UP 

Below are the details of Pharmaceutical Companies in Lucknow



Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

093353 39571

Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

090129 14160

NETTLE PHARMA (GeoNettle Pharma Pvt Ltd)

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

093353 39571

Clox Pharma Pvt Ltd

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

094501 12054

Kaiser Drugs Private Limited

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

0522 408 2682

Avalanche Pharmaceuticals

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

092353 06439

Cortina Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

077069 91251

Pharmaceutical Companies in Lucknow - UP India LKO Pharma Manufacturers

Syntho Pharmaceuticals

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

098387 93155

Pail Pharma Pvt Ltd

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

0522 406 3547

Pharmaceutical Companies in Lucknow – UP India LKO Pharma Manufacturers

Moraceae Pharmaceuticals Private Limited

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

0522 231 1872

Dey’s Medical Stores (MFG) Ltd

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

0522 243 1964 ext. 4006764

Capricorn Drug India

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

080040 00232

Arpike Private Limited

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

094509 55008

Glaxo Smith Kline

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

0522 220 0369

East India Pharmaceuticals Works Ltd.

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

0522 223 6251

Zootax Biotec Inc (A Group Companies Of Pawan Associates)

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

089605 10777


Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

096160 96555


UP Drug House Pvt Ltd

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Astrazenca Pharma India Ltd

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Welcome Vet Pharma Pvt Ltd

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Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Octane Biotech Pvt. Ltd

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Lifecare Neuro Pvt. Ltd.

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Spark Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Disinfecto Chemical Industries Private Limited

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JKV Pharma Pvt Ltd.

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HiGlance Pharmacy

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MRD LifeSciences Pvt.Ltd.

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Samriddhi Pharma

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Khalsa Pharmaceuticals

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Agarwal Pharmaceuticals

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Aries Drugs Pvt. Ltd

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Naturaxion Bio pharma Pvt. Ltd.   

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Al-harmain Pharma Pvt Ltd

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Sheetal Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

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Samini Pharmaceuticals

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Lamark Healthcare Private Limited

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Europia Biotech Pvt Ltd

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Uttar Pradesh Drugs and Pharmaceutical Company

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Innova Pharmaceuticals

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Tee Aay Enterprises

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Prajit Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

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Phlox Laboratories Private Limited

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LifeCare Innovations

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Hi Glance Laboratories Pvt Ltd

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Graphic Pharmaceuticals  

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Kaushal Pharmaceuticals

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Purwanchal Herbal Pharmaceuticals

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Venor Lucknow

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AMA Herbal Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

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Pharmaceutical Companies in Uttar Pradesh

Prolific Labs Pvt Ltd

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Tansukh Herbals Private Limited

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Eugen Healthcare

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Awasthi Scientific Store

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Skars Health Care Pvt. ltd.    

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Sar Healthline Pvt. Ltd.

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Dr Reddy

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Astra Zeneca Pharma India Ltd

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J J & Sons

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Pharmaceutical Companies in UP 


Graphic Enterprises

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Benz Pharmaceuticals

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Kailash Pharmaceuticals

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Ankerite Info World

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Kumar Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals

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R B Pharmaceuticals

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M/s Crystal Pharmaceuticals

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Ganga Pharma

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Poorvi Pharmaceuticals

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Sunder Pharmaceuticals

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Reliance Pharmaceuticals

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Mundus Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

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  1. S. L.

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Navalor Healthcare Bhoothnath

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Dental World Industries

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Navalor Healthcare Pvt Ltd

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Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Sanvesh Biotech

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Hygieia Biogenics Pvt. Ltd.

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


G K Agencies

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Aviral Biotech

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Rebanta Healthcare

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Ultra Remedies

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Adis Lifesciences Private Limited

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Ruby Chemicals

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Akash Life Sciences

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Cosmic Medical Solution Private Limited

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Pentagenesis Life Sciences Pvt Ltd.

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Hiken Pharmaceuticals LLP

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Ramel Industries Ltd.

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Eastern Medical & Surgical Corporation

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Adarsh Surgical Shop

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Globus Health Care

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Parent Life Care (P) Ltd

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Stadmed India Pvt Ltd.

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Vatsalya healthcare

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Shakun Sales pvt Ltd

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Banana Biotech

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P.S. Pharma

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Prolific Labs Pvt Ltd

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  1. I. Pharma

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Kritikids Healthcare Private Limited

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Godbless Pharma Private Limited

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Lucknow 

Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory India

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

086902 21100

Medybiz Pharma Pvt. Ltd,

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


Krishna Store

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Relife Drugs Pvt Ltd

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Vatsal Pharma

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Maya Biotech

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Mani Bioz

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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L L J K Pharmaceuticals

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Span Laboratories Private Limited

Goila, Uttar Pradesh

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Allied Surgical Emporium

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

0522 262 3009

  1. M. A. Herbal Laboratories Private Limited

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

0522 266 1684

HAPDCO Herbals Pvt. Ltd.

Dashauli, Uttar Pradesh

097219 98335

Present Scenario:

With an increase in the middle-class population, most of the people can afford quality healthcare, thereby creating higher demand for the pharmaceutical sector. There are about 76000 pharmacists and 71,000 retail pharmacies in U.P.  The State has a 3-tier public healthcare infrastructure, comprising primary health centres (PHCs), health units, community health centres (CHCs) & sub-centres. Uttar Pradesh has 262 Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana (PMBJP) centres. The upcoming pharma units of Uttar Pradesh would contribute in the categories of mega, large and MSME. The mega units investing more than Rs 100 crore would have to ensure that 75% of their total workforce comprises local people. Large pharma units investing between Rs 10 crore and 100 crores would ensure employment of 50% of their local workforce.

Pharmaceutical Companies in Jaipur || Rajasthan – Top 100

Pharmaceutical companies in Jaipur Rajasthan Jodhpur Udaipur

Pharmaceutical Companies in Jaipur: Jaipur is the capital city of the Indian state of Rajasthan. The State of Rajasthan has been marching ahead in terms of industrialization. Due to the consistent support and growth strategy adopted by the Government, the units of large, medium and small-scale industries are increasing every year. Being the largest city of Rajasthan, major industries of Jaipur cover a wide range of sectors including tourism, luxury textiles and hand-made garments, gems and jewelry, food and beverages, tobacco, mining and minerals production, automobiles, machinery and machine tools.

 In terms of Pharmaceutical advancement, Jaipur is not so very far in its establishments for medical aid. With 210 Allopathic Hospitals, 97 Primary health centers and 18 Community health centers Jaipur is thriving to become a developed pharmaceutical hub. Besides these with the ushering of their natural medical remedies the city owns 180 Ayurvedic Hospital 39 Dispensaries and 525 Sub Health Centers. According to the experts at the IIHMR University, Jaipur, the employment sector of Biotechnology & pharma profiles reported 21% rise in demand followed by IT/Telecom professionals. Among the top ten locations of India, Jaipur reported the highest rise in talent demand of per the latest an analysis identifying the hiring activity and trends in India Inc.


Banned Drugs List in India – PDF Full Download – 2018 – Latest News


Below are the names of the Pharmaceutical Companies in Jaipur with their Addresses

  • Ahlcon Parenterals (India) Ltd.

SP 918, Phase III, Ind. Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Air Liquide North India Pvt. Ltd.

125, MIA, Alwar.

  • Aldoc Pharmaceuticals

17-B, Indraprastha Indl Area, Road No.2, Kota.

  • Alka Laboratories Pvt Ltd.      

B-1124, Riico Ind. Area, Phase III, Bhiwadi Dist. Alwar

  • Allied Chemicals

Debari, Near Maharaja College, Hakdar Road, Udaipur

  • Allied Chemiclas & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.      

Hathi babu ka Bagh, Station Road, Jaipur

  • Amol Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

E-362-363, Sitapura Indl Area, Sanganer, Jaipur

  • Ananta Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

G-271, Phase-II, Udyog Vihar, Riico Ind Estate, Sriganganagar

  • Ankur Lab Eye Division

G-1/103-04, Malviya Indl.Area, Jaipur

  • Anmark Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

F-61-A Ind Area, Parbatpura, Ajmer.

  • Anon Pharmaceuticals

H-38-B, Tagor Path, Banipark, Jaipur

  • Antrix Health Care Pvt. Ltd.

G1-102, IID Center, Kaladwas, Udaipur

  • Asiatic Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

C-826, Riico Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Aymed

G-1, 572(A), Riico Indl.Area, Sitapura, Jaipur

Pharmaceutical companies in Jaipur Rajasthan Jodhpur Udaipur

  • Jain Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

E-41-F, Kushkhera Riico Industrial Area, Bhiwadi, Alwar.

  • Barsana Highcam Industries

Vill. Kesarpura, Alwar.

  • Bhandari Homoeopapths Pvt. Ltd.

G 1-679, RIICO Ind. Area, Bhiwadi, Dist. Alwar.

  • Bhartiya Pharmaceuticals

G-170-A, Desula MIA, Alwar.

  • Bhilwara Gases Pvt. Ltd.

SPL 3, Riico Ind Area, Chittorgrah Road, Bhilwara.

  • BOC India Ltd.


Pharmaceutical Companies in Jaipur:

  • Borocaps Pharmaceuticals

H-146, Riico Indl Area, Sarna Dungar, Jaipur

  • Brothers Pharma Pvt, Ltd.    

F-859-870 Road No.14P, VKI Area  Jaipur

  • Cachet Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

C-582, Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Chemcaps Ltd.

C-584, Riico Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Chemicure Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

F-325, Charak Marg, Amba Mata Scheme, Udaipur

  • Chemitech Drug Division        

C-26,(a)Malviya Indl Area, Jaipur

  • Chetana Polytex Pvt.Ltd.       

A-105, Ind. Area, Bhiwadi

  • Clenton Pharmaceuticals   

H-160, Riico Indl.Area, Road No.14, Sanganer, Jaipur

  • Continental Pharmaceuticals

D-68, Ambabari, Japur

  • Corporate Channels India Pvt. Ltd.       

1590-1600, Paldi, Post Loyara, P.O. Badgaon, Udaipur

  • Crown Pharmaceuticals       

F-173, MIA, Alwar.

  • D.Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

G/1-583, Riico Indl.Area, Sitapura, Tonk Road, Jaipur

  • Dalas Biotech Ltd.       

E-292, Riico Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Denex International

812, G-1/31, Riico Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Dowra Gases Pvt. Ltd,         

Behind Tilam Sangh, Udaipur Road, Fatehnagar, Udaipur

  • Dueful Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.       

Village Benar, Tehsil Amer, Jaipur

  • Dueful Labs

C-4, Moti lal Atal Road, Jaipur

  • Earnest Gases Pvt. Ltd.

A-204 & 205, Mewar Ind. Area, Udaipur

  • Elcon Drugs & Formulation Pvt.Ltd.

F-59-60, Riico Indl Area,Bindayaka, Jiapur

  • Elphos Laboratory,

F-54, Malviya Indl.Area, Jaipur

  • Eutticon Laboratories          

577, Patel Nagar, Ganganagar

  • G D Laboratories (I) Pvt. Ltd

PWD Rest House Road, Nohar, Hanumangarh

Pharmaceutical Companies in Rajasthan:

  • S. Pharmabutors Pvt. Ltd.

B-172, Ind. Area, Behrod, Alwar

  • Goel Homoeo Pharma

A-7, Nagar Palika Ind. Area, Chhitorgarh

  • Gracure Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

E-1105, Ind Area, Phase III, Bhiwadi.

  • Granth Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

G-1/31(F) Riico Ind. Area, Gegal, Ajmer.

  • Guljag Oxygen Pvt. Ltd

Jalipa Near Harsani Phanta Barmer (Rajasthan)

  • Harvey(I) Pharmaceuticals

8, Sarvodaya Colony, Barkat Nagar   Jaipur

  • Inn Chemical Industries

G-1,551 Sitapura Indl.Area, Sanganer, Jaipur

  • Iscon Surgicals Ltd       

B- 70, Marudhara Ind. Area. Phase –II Basni, Jodhpur.

  • J & J Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

109, Ind. Area, Khunja, Hanumangarh

  • Jaipur Pharmaceutical Works

SP-2, 22; Godam Indl.Estate, Jaipur

  • Janak Laboratoreis Ltd.    

G-1, 1209-A, Phase-II, Riico Ind. Area, Bhiwadi

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies in Jaipur:

  • Jawa Pharmaceutical (I) Pvt. Ltd.    

E-3, Malviya Indl Area, Jaipur

  • Jodhpur Gases

G-14, I Phase, Boranada Ind. Area Boranada, Jodhpur

  • C. Industries

H-38, Riico Ind Area, Bindayaka, Jaipur

  • Karnani Pharmaceuticals P. Ltd.

F-67, Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Kay sons Pharma

1, Vigyan Nagar, Sarna Dungar Indl Area, Jaipur

  • Kesla Healcare

28 Old Ind. Area, Alwar.

  • Kusum Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

SP-289(A) Riico Ind. Area, Chopanki, Bhiwadi.

  • Lark Laboratories (India) Ltd.          

SP-1192E, Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Mac Medicare (P) Ltd.

G-585, Riico Indl.Area, sitapura,  Jaipur

  • Macsen Laboratories

Village Titerdi, Tehsil Girwa, Udaipur

  • Marks HealthCare (P)Ltd.

H-1032, HI-106, Riico Indl Area, Sitapura,  Jaipur

  • Mecca Health Care(P) Ltd

F-252, III Phase, Bornada, Dist- Jodhpur

  • Medicamen Biotech Ltd.       

SP-1192 A&B, Phase IV, Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Milsun Pharma Chemical,   

G-217, Riico Indl.Area, Hirawala (Ext.) Kanota, Jaipur

Pharmaceutical Industries in Udaipur:

  • Mithila Drugs Pvt. Ltd

F-70, Mewar Ind. Area, Road No. 2, Madri, Udaipur

  • Neelkanth Plaster Works        

F-322 Riico Industrial Area, Boranada Phase- III, Jodhpur

  • Neelkanth Sodaccays Ltd       

G- 29, Industrial Area, II Phase Boranada- Jodhpur

Pharma Companies in Jodhpur:

  • Neelkanth Minechem            

E-63, Ist Phase, Riico Ind. Area, Boranada, Jodhpur

  • Onex Pharmaceuticals         

G-1,234 Riico Indl.Area, Kanota, Jaipur

  • Parth Formulations Pvt. Ltd,        

G-1-31, (I&H) Riico Ind Area, Gegal, Ajmer.

  • Prime Pharmaceuticals

H-649, Riico Indl. Area, Sitapura, Jaipur

  • Purnima Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd.      

E-859, Road No. 14/N, V.K.I.Area, Jaipur

  • S. Bhargva Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.      

E-1216, Phase-I Ext; Ghatal Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Rajasthan Air Products (P) Ltd.

A-307, Road No.17, VKI Area, Jaipur

  • Rajasthan Antibiotic Ltd.

A-619 & 630, Riico Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Rajasthan Drugs & Pharmaceuticls Ltd.

Road No. 12, VKI Area,  Jaipur

  • Ramnath Industries

32, A&B, Ind. Area, Rani Bazar, Bikaner

  • Raptakos Brett & Co. Ltd.      

E-285-86, M.I. Area, Alwar.

Reginal Veterinary Biologecal Unit.  Jamdodi Jaipur

  • Rolex India,

2/7, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur

  • Rudraya Health Care

G-310, III rd Phase, Boranada, Ihdustrial Area, Boranada Jodhpur

  • Rupali Chemicals        

F-322, Mewar Ind. Area, Madri, Udaipur

  • S B L Pvt. Ltd.

533, Sitapura Indl Area, Jaipur

  • J. Cemical Industries

E-89 (A) II, 1 Q Road, M.I.A. Madri, Udaipur

  • M. Herbals Ltd.

A-1132, Riico Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • S.M Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd.

F-28(J) Phase-I, Malviya Indl Area, Jaipur

  • Scortis Pharma Ltd.                                 

F-3, Kararpura Indl. Area, Jaipur

  • Seagull Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

E-1190, Phase-IV, RIICO Ind. Area, Bhiwadi (Alwar)

  • Sharp Arometics India Ltd.

F-76 C & D Ind Area, Phase-I, Bhiwadi.

  • Shashi Phytochem India Ltd.

329 Old Ind. Area. Alwar.

  • Smilex Pharmaceuticals      

11 Km Stone, Tonk Road, Sanganer, Jaipur

  • Soniko Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd

F-09(a) Old Riico Indl.Area, Opp Railway Station, Dholpur

  • Sukhmani Gases (I) Pvt. Ltd

G1-1425 Phase V,

  • Riico Ind. Aread, Bhiwadi Dist. Alwar.
  • Sunil Health care Ltd.          

17/18, Old Ind. Area, Alwar.

  • Surya Chemicals Works,

J-262,(F) Indraprasth Indl Area, Kota

  • Sushant Overseas (P) Ltd.

H-102, Road No. 5-B, Riico Indl.Area, Bindayaka, Jaipur

  • Swiss Medicare Pvt. Ltd.

F-351 & 350 (A), Phase-II, Udyog Vihar, Sriganganagar

  • Thio Pharma          

26-C Ind. Area Falna (W.R) Rajastha

  • Tolima Laboratories

A-53, Subhash Nagar, Shopping Centre, Jaipur

  • Udaipur Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Dakan Kotada, Sulumber Road, Udaipur

  • Udaipur Surgicals Pvt. Ltd.      

Hawa Magri, Suker, Udaipur

  • Umalaxmi Organies Ltd.           

F- 245 to 249, 255, Agro Road Park Bornada Ind. Area, Jodhpur

  • Vardhman Pharma         

G-1-191, Road No. 6, Riico Ind. Area, Gudli, Teh. Mavli,  Udaipur

  • Velentino Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

F-529, Riico Ind. Area. Bhiwadi.

  • Vijay Shree Chemical Ltd.

H-21, Heerawala Indl Area, Jaipur

  • Vikarm Industries

G-101, Riico Indl.Area, Bagru (Ext.) Distt. Jaipur

  • Vinayak Manutrade (P) Ltd.     

31, Indl.Area, Jhotwara, Jaipur

  • Vitromed Healthcare          

A-27, Indl Estate, 22 Godam, Jaipur

  • Vivek Pharmachem(I) Ltd.

NH-8, Chimanpura, Amer, Jaipur

  • Welcure Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

A-1129, Phase III, Riico Ind. Area. Bhiwadi.

  • Western Drugs Ltd

F-271 (A) Mewar Ind. Area, Madri, Udaipur

  • Xl Laboratoreis Pvt. Ltd.

E-1223 Phase-I Ext. (Ghatal), Ind. Area, Bhiwadi

Present Scenario:-

In spite of prevailing challenges in the Indian pharma sector Rajasthan today has over 367 medium and large scale industries providing employment to 122 thousand people and over 2.29 lac small-scale industries employing 8 lakhs people. The experts also mentioned that 58,000 additional job opportunities are likely to be created as the industry is expected to grow up to 45% by 2025.

Recently a Jaipur-based smartphone application MeraPatient has come up to bring more offline pharma stores online. The founders of this app out of concern to Healthcare connectivity aimed to create a single point platform that could bring together all stakeholders in the healthcare system. It offers the user to search nearby authenticated pharma stores and diagnostic labs (in a five-kilometre radius) by uploading the prescription on the app and can see and buy medicines or book an appointment for any prescribed tests. Depending on the choice and convenience, a user may choose an option and avail the offer. For the certified pharma stores and diagnostic labs, MeraPatient sends them alerts based on demand from users and based on availability. They are provided to offer a combination of price discounts and home delivery options. For hassle-free access of the user Diagnostic labs can also opt to upload test reports.