SCHOLARSHIP FOR PHARMACY STUDENTS: A scholarship is a programme that backs up the students with the purpose of helping them through financial aid. The findings say it is targeted to the students mostly who want to study at the tertiary level including Universities and colleges. Many learners drop out after passing the 10th or 12th grade because they cannot afford to pay for tertiary studies due to lack of funds. Their dreams are not fulfilled in spite of earning good marks. Although they meet minimum requirements to be admitted to the university the problem remains if they cannot afford their further studies. The scholarship programme is that aid to bridge the gap.

Normally the scholarships are given to those students who fulfill some of the criteria based on the following parameters:

  • Merit-based- Merit Scholarships can be awarded based on fulfilling all the criteria including performance in a particular school subject or even club participation or community service.
  • Need-based- Typically Academic Scholarships use a minimum Grade Point Average or standardized test score such as the ACT or SAT to select awardees.
  • Athletic- based on the athletic performance of a student Athletic Scholarships are generally applicable and used as a tool to recruit high-performing athletes for their school’s athletic teams.
  • Student-specific- For some learners/students, Government and Companies want only them to benefit from these programmes. E.g. – South African citizens are covered by the Scholarship programme in SOUTH AFRICAN countries.

Besides these, Scholarships may rely on criteria of Career-specific, College-specific, Branding Scholarships and Creative Contest Scholarships.


Every year scholarships programmes are offered for pharmacy students at all levels in India as well as internationally. In this article, we have discussed solely the scholarships. This is intended thinking towards the meritorious and needy students who are eligible for earning a scholarship. Here we are naming some of the scholarship programmes offered to Pharmacy students:-

  1. APhA Foundation Student Scholarship
  2. NCPA Foundation Scholarships
  3. Postdoctoral Researcher – Radiopharmacy and Molecular Imaging
  4. Blooms The Chemist – John Sidgreaves Scholarship in Pharmacy
  5. PhD Studentship Basic Bioscience
  6. TMA Pai PhD Scholarships at Manipal University in India
  7. RGU School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences International Bursaries in UK
  8. 4 HDR Scholarships for Domestic and International Students at UTS in Australia

9.      Science Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Strathclyde in UK,

10.  Pharos University Scholarships in Egypt

11.  Finland University of Helsinki Pharmacy Postdoctoral Research Position

12.  Science Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Strathclyde in UK


Not all the costs mentioned below are covered by every scholarship programme as each of them has its own costs allocations.

  1. Transport Fees

Money for transport will be given to him/her if the student is studying outside the campus or stays at a distant place from the campus.

  1. Tuition fees

The money needed by the student to learn from the Institution through lectures, classes, Lab equipment use and smart classes is provided. More or less all the programmes do pay these fees.

  1. Accommodation

Usually, the amount is paid directly to the institution if you are staying inside the campus or hostel, but if you are staying outside the campus money is paid directly into your personal account.

  1. Book Fees

Cost of Study materials including the books, computers, Cell phone, tablets are paid directly to students account.



What are the top US business schools for an MBA education in pharma healthcare?

When you have raise a doubt of where to pursue your MBA or niche specific course probably depends on if you want to pursue MBA education in pharma healthcare or normal MBA. If you want to pursue a pharma career, you would lean more toward the Pharma school rankings, and if not, weigh the business school rankings more heavily.


Creating a MBA ranking is tough because of how varied MBA career paths can be. So here is the answer for the direct question top US business schools for an MBA education especially in pharma healthcare

Wharton/Kellogg/Duke/Columbia are the top four for healthcare MBA programs in the US.

Kellogg – Kellogg School of Management
Duke-Duke’s Fuqua School of Business Health Sector Management


Top US business schools for an MBA education in pharma healthcare

A successful career in the pharmaceutical world demands both fundamental business skills and in-depth pharmaceutical knowledge. The USP MBA program provides both. The USP MBA program is unique in that every course offered is taught within the context of the healthcare field. Students learn how to predict global healthcare trends, develop pharmaceutical product strategies, do pharmaceutical marketing, understand the research and development process from drug discovery through clinical testing, analyze and interpret healthcare regulatory practices and public health policies, and apply strategic and creative thinking to challenges that are unique to the pharmaceutical industry. In addition the USP MBA program stresses the competencies that are critical to career success in the modern healthcare field: critical thinking, analytical assessment, presentation skills, and cultural astuteness.

You may choose to pursue an MBA in one of three batches:
1) evening track,
2) executive (or weekend) track
3) online.

Wharton/Duke would probably top the list.

If you have any suggestions for the list of top US Business Schools for Pharma Healthcare MBA please do write to us through the comment box below. You can help our PharmaWiki through your words.

List of US Universities offering Pharm.D. Degree Program – United States

List of US Universities offering Pharm.D. Degree Program - United States

Hello buddies. Here we present List of US Universities offering Pharm.D. Degree Program in United States of America. This list will definitely help you to have a closer and prompt look at the colleges and universities offering you PharmD course. 

Pharm.D. Degree Programs.. You can see here te list of Institution and Location name.

List of US Universities offering Pharm.D. Degree Program - United States

US Universities offering Pharm.D. Degree Program – United States:

  • Auburn AL
  • Samford AL
  • Midwestern–Glendale AZ
  • Arizona AZ
  • Harding AR
  • Arkansas AR
  • California Northstate CA
  • Loma Linda CA
  • Touro–California CA f
  • California–San Diego CA
  • California–San
  • Francisco CA
  • Pacific CA
  • Southern California CA
  • Western CA
  • Regis CO
  • Colorado CO
  • Connecticut CT
  • Howard DC
  • Florida A&M FL
  • Nova Southeastern FL
  • Palm Beach Atlantic FL
  • Florida FL
  • Mercer GA
  • South GA
  • Georgia GA
  • Hawaii HI
  • Idaho State ID
  • Chicago State IL
  • Midwestern–Chicago IL
  • Southern Illinois IL
  • Illinois–Chicago IL
  • Butler IN
  • Purdue IN
  • Drake IA g
  • Iowa IA
  • Kansas KS
  • Sullivan KY   h
  • Kentucky KY
  • Louisiana–Monroe LA
  • Xavier LA
  • Husson ME
  • New England ME
  • Notre Dame MD
  • Maryland MD
  • Massachusetts–Boston MA  i
  • Massachusetts–
  • Worcester MA j
  • Northeastern MA
  • Ferris State MI
  • Michigan MI
  • Wayne State MI
  • Minnesota MN
  • Mississippi MS  k
  • Louis MO
  • Missouri–Kansas City MO
  • Montana MT
  • Creighton NE
  • Nebraska NE
  • Southern Nevada NV
  • Rutgers NJ
  • New Mexico NM
  • A&M Schwartz NY
  • John Fisher NY
  • John’s NY
  • Touro–New York NY
  • Buffalo NY
  • Albany NY
  • Campbell NC
  • North Carolina NC
  • Wingate NC
  • North Dakota State ND
  • Northeastern Ohio OH
  • Ohio Northern OH
  • Ohio State OH
  • Cincinnati OH
  • Findlay OH
  • Toledo OH  l
  • SW Oklahoma OK
  • Oklahoma OK
  • Oregon State OR
  • Pacific–Oregon OR  m
  • Duquesne PA n
  • Lake Erie PA
  • Philadelphia PA
  • Temple PA
  • Thomas Jefferson PA
  • Pittsburgh PA
  • Table 1 (continued)
  • Wilkes PA
  • Puerto Rico PR
  • Rhode Island RI
  • South Carolinao SC
  • South Dakota State SD
  • Belmont TN
  • East Tennessee State TN
  • Lipscomb TN
  • Union TN
  • Tennessee TN
  • Texas A&M Kingsville TX
  • Texas Southern TX
  • Texas Tech TX
  • Houston TX p
  • Incarnate Word TX
  • Texas–Austin TX p
  • Utah UT
  • Hampton VA
  • Shenandoah VA
  • Appalachian VA
  • Virginia
  • Commonwealth VA
  • Washington WA
  • Washington State WA
  • Charleston WV
  • West Virginia WV
  • Wisconsin WI
  • Wyoming WY
  • Lebanese American L

You can add your valuable information regarding the List of US Universities offering Pharm.D. Degree Program in United States of America or you can add up the list. You are really welcome to share your stories of joining these 

Which Countries Offer Best Salaries 4 Pharmacy Graduates? – Pharma Scope

Which countries offer Best salaries for Pharmacy Graduates? - Pharma Scope

Why do you want to know which countries will offer best salaries for pharmacy graduates? or which one pays you well? Pharmacy is one of the best and popular courses in the field of medicine. Besides the popularity, this course has plethora of opportunities and several career openings. The students who are pretty much interested towards Pharmacy and other medicine related courses, they can simply join in either 4-year Bachelor program or 2 year Diploma program in Pharmacy. Just like the Engineering and Medicine course, the students can pursue a 6 year Post Graduation in the stream of Pharmacy.

Do you know which countries will offer best salaries for pharmacy graduates?

Which countries offer Best salaries for Pharmacy Graduates? - Pharma Scope

Top Country for Pharma- 1

US is indeed the best but you must have a masters in pharmacy to ensure a big paycheck. You will be absorbed by universities or big pharma companies’ R&D which will provide you a great exposure.

Also, since most of these companies are MNCs, they can relocate you to different R&D centers. Try to do a masters first and go for it you are able to secure a seat in a good university in US.

Many people of different department are at big positions in pharma industry now after completing their masters.

Top Country for Pharmacy 2

United Kingdom is the second best country which pays you well if you are a Pharma Grad.

Top Country Pharmaceutical Industry 3

Canada is not only the best place to live with a chilled climatic conditions but it is one of the best place for a pharmacy graduate to take up their job to get paid well.

Many people are very happy with this profession and try to get a challenging job which pays them well. And not only this but it gives an immense satisfaction when you do the work. Let me give a great reason why to take up this wonderful profession. It’s a big secret. It opens a wide golden gate to all the people who want to innovate some thing in their lives with the Research and development department with huge salaries and AID. Choose best country to earn a handsome amount in pharmaceutical department.

Do you want to add more ? Do not hesitate. Type it right now in the comment section below. Your views are always valuable for us and for our readers.

Pharmacy Technician Schools – Pharmacy Tech School

Pharmacy Technician Schools

Do you know Why to go to Pharmacy Technician Schools? Like the rest of the health care industry, the market for pharmacy technicians is expected to increase substantially in coming years. Employment of pharmacy technicians is projected to grow 9 percent from 2014 to 2024. The population is aging, and older people typically use more prescription medicines than younger people. Higher rates of chronic diseases such as diabetes among all age groups also will lead to increased demand for prescription medications. Advances in pharmaceutical research will allow for more prescription medications to be used to fight diseases.

You need to prepare yourself for a career in this growing field through Pharmacy Technician Schools. Its Pharmacy Technician career training program is offered at different universities and schools across the country. Most diploma programs are designed to be completed in less than a year.


You need to get into get into one of the best Pharmacy Technician Schools to get both the education and practical hands-on training to function as a competent entry-level pharmacy technician to licensed pharmacists in a variety of health care settings.

Pharmacy technicians once traditionally learned on the job, but stricter employer standards and NHA certification requirements have given rise to more formal training programs.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Pharmacy Technician?

Two years or Four years.

Coursework covers technical and practical training in the following areas:

  1. Pharmacy law
  2. Pharmacology
  3. Pharmacy ethics
  4. Anatomy
  5. Healthcare systems
  6. PhysiologyMedical terminology
  7. Pharmaceutical calculations

How Long Is Pharmacy Tech School?

Certificate and associate degree programs are common, but because no states and certification organizations currently require pharmacy techs to earn bachelor’s degrees, baccalaureate programs at 4-year universities are tailored more with the future pharmacist in mind. Postsecondary certificates in pharmacy technology are the most prevalent training path pharmacy technician schools offer, reports the BLS. These targeted, entry-level programs require less than one year of study and establish basic knowledge and skills with minimal general education coursework. Associate degrees, by contrast, require up to two years of study and include a balance of core and general education coursework, especially in science and math. Most pharmacy technician schools offer Associate of Applied Science, or AAS, degrees in pharmacy technology.


There are great reasons for growth of PHARMACY TECHNICIAN profession. The reasons are.
The population is aging, and older people tend to use more prescription medications than younger people.
Higher rates of chronic disease like diabetes among all age groups will lead to an increased demand for prescription medications.
Advances in pharmaceutical research means more prescription medications will be used to fight diseases.

 Pharmacy Technician Schools

What does a Pharmacy Technician do?

Pharmacies are run by licensed pharmacists who’ve undergone many years of education and training. But pharmacy assistants often do much of the routine day-to-day work of operating a pharmacy. Also known as pharmacy technicians or pharm techs, pharmacy assistants perform many of the tasks associated with pharmacy operations. Typical responsibilities include:

  1. Taking incoming prescription orders
  2. Filling prescriptions
  3. Instructing customers on the proper use of their prescription medications
  4. Processing payments and insurance claims
  5. Filling out regulatory paperwork
  6. Read, verify and manage patient prescription requests.
  7. Properly dose and fill prescription orders .
  8. Use and maintain laboratory equipment and tools.
  9. Store prescription and over-the-counter medications properly.
  10. Track inventories Maintain a safe, sanitary environment.
  11. Find, review and relay drug safety information, including potential interactions.
  12. Keep records in accordance with patients’ privacy rights.
  13. Communicate with pharmacists, insurance companies, patients and healthcare providers.
  14. Bill and collect payment for prescription orders

Pharmacy Technician Schools – Pharmacy Tech School

Pharmacy Technician Schools List:

  1. Central Arizona College
  2. Florida State College
  3. Gulf Coast State College
  4. Robert Morris University Illinois
  5. University of Alaska at Anchorage
  6. Vincennes University

Pharmacy Technician Salaries:

Demand for pharmacy technicians is expected to remain high for the next decade, making this career path potentially rewarding for those who wish to work in a pharmacy.
Median Salary:$29,320
Median Hourly: $14.10

Best Pharma & Biotech companies in San Francisco Bay Area CA {USA}

Best Pharma & Biotech companies in San Francisco Bay Area CA {USA}

Best Pharma & Biotech companies in San Francisco Bay Area CA {USA}: San Francisco Bay Area is referred locally as the Bay Area. We are here for our readers today with an intention to throw light on some of the best pharma and biotech companies in the San Francisco Bay area of CA of United States of America. The San Francisco Bay Area is a populous region surrounding the San Francisco and San Pablo estuaries in Northern California in addition to the Grizzly, Honker, Richardson, San Rafael and Suisun Bays. You can count on these companies when you choose your career or looking for intern-ships or jobs in Pharmacy or Biotech Sector. This may be really helpful for the people who search products in pharma field.

Best Pharma & Biotech companies in San Francisco Bay Area CA {USA}

Top Pharmaceutical Companies in San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA

Rinat (Pfizer)




Top 20 Pharma Companies in San Francisco

Top Pharmaceutical Companies in San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA

Here is the list of  billion dollar pharmaceutical and Biotech companies that are really huge in the San Francisco Bay Area of United States.

  1. Abbott Laboratories
  2. Bayer
  3. Baxter
  4. BioMarin
  5. Bio-Rad
  6. Becton Dickinson & Company
  7. Cordis (Johnson and Johnson)
  8. DuPont Industrial Biosciences (DuPont)
  9. Genentech (Roche)
  10. LifeScan (Johnson and Johnson)
  11. Ingelheim Boehringer
  12. Novartis
  13. Pioneer (DuPont)
  14. Roche Diagnostics (part of Roche)
  15. Stryker
  16. Gilead
  17. Amgen
  18. Medimmune

Hope you got the answer for your query from Best Pharma & Biotech companies in San Francisco Bay Area CA {USA}. We will provide more information on these soon on our website. So, please visit us again. If you really know some companies which are worth having in the top position please write to us on our mail or even you can leave a comment here below in the comment section to help the people who are looking for the exact question or query. Thanks for our presence and don’t forget to look at our academics section of pharma wiki.

Pharmawiki University Survey

study pharmacy abroad US UK

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In accordance with our aim of providing free and precise information to our readers, we have decided to collect information about various universities across India and abroad. This will be of immense help to us in providing accurate information about higher studies to our patrons. Please spare a few minutes to take the following survey and make your contribution towards the profession.

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TOEFL – An overview

What Is the TOEFL iBT Test?

The TOEFL iBT test measures your ability to use and understand English at the university level. And it evaluates how well you combine your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills to perform academic tasks.

Combining All Four Skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing

During the test, you are asked to perform tasks that combine more than one skill, such as:

  • Read, listen and then speak in response to a question
  • Listen and then speak in response to a question
  • Read, listen and then write in response to a question

Broadly TOEFL can be  divided into four sections that is Reading, Listening , Speaking and Writing.

Reading: If you are an average student who can understand English well, then you are not going to have any problem with this section. The only thing you should be worried is the time factor. The Reading section consists of 3–4 passages, each approximately 700 words in length and questions about the passages. The passages are on academic topics; they are the kind of material that might be found in an undergraduate university textbook. Passages require understanding of rhetorical functions such as cause-effect, compare-contrast and argumentation.

Listening: If you are good listener and very attentive in the class, you gonna crack this easily or else you should practice. he Listening section consists of six passages 3–5 minutes in length and questions about the passages. These passages include two student conversations and four academic lectures or discussions. A conversation involves two speakers, a student and either a professor or a campus service provider. A lecture is a self-contained portion of an academic lecture, which may involve student participation and does not assume specialized background knowledge in the subject area.Each conversation is associated with five questions and each lecture with six. The questions are meant to measure the ability to understand main ideas, important details, implications, relationships between ideas, organization of information, speaker purpose and speaker attitude.

Speaking: For most of us speaking will be the toughest section as it is  not our mother tongue, as we constantly violate the compulsion of speaking English in schools and of course the speaking section is very impulsive giving no time for preparation.

List of Universities in Canada and their Websites

List of Pharmacy Schools in Australia and their Websites

  1. Australian College of Pharmacy Practice, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

  2. University of Canberra Pharmacy Program, Bruce, ACT

  3. University of Sydney, Faculty of Pharmacy, Sydney, New South Wales

  4. Charles Sturt University, Faculty of Health Studies, Bachelor of Pharmacy degree, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

  5. University of Queensland, School of Pharmacy, St. Lucia, Queensland

  6. James Cook University, Pharmacy, Townsville, Queensland

  7. University of South Australia, School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, Adelaide, South Australia

  8. University of Tasmania, Tasmanian School of Pharmacy, Hobart, Tasmania

  9. Monash University (Parkville Campus), Victorian College of Pharmacy, Parkville, 3052 Victoria

  10. La Trobe University (Bendigo Campus), Pharmacy, Bendigo, Victoria

  11. Curtin University of Technology, School of Pharmacy, Perth, Western Australia

  12. University of Western Australia, Faculty of Life and Physical Sciences, Master of Pharmacy, Crawley WA 6009

  13. Murdoch University, School of Pharmacy, South Street Murdoch WA 6150

  14. The University of Newcastle, Master of Pharmacy Program, Discipline of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, School of Biomedical Science, University Drive, Callaghan NSW 2308

  15. Griffith University, School of Pharmacy, Gold Coast, Queensland