INDIAN JOURNALS List to Submit Pharmacy Research Papers – 50* Science

INDIAN JOURNALS List to Submit Pharmacy Research Papers - Science
Hello Readers. Here is the Indian Journals List to Submit Pharmacy Research Papers. You can submit your original work of your M Pharmacy or PhD on these [...]

Discovery and Development of Natural Products as lead compounds

Approaches to Discovery and Development of Natural Products as lead compounds  There are multiple hit identification strategies, and new drugs come from [...]

Lead Optimization

Optimization of leads Lead identification/optimization is the one of the most important steps in drug development. The chemical structure of the lead [...]

Nobel prize… An Inspiration for Insilico Lab

The Nobel prize in chemistry for the year 2013 was awarded jointly to Martin Karplus (Harvard University) , Michael Levitt (Stanford School of Medicine) and [...]

Copy Paste from Adobe PDF directly into Word | PDF to Word Converter (Not required!!!)

CopyPastefrom PDF
How many time have u tried copying from a PDF file and pasting into Word? 1. You did Ctrl+C from a PDF   2. And then you hit Ctrl+V into a word [...]

How to create a successful thesis/ project/ assignment – Zotero, Google Scholar, Word

Zotero Word and Scholar
Writing a thesis is a nightmare for most of us. Sometimes the task is more daunting than even the actual research work. One is always worried about the [...]

How to search for research articles | Google Scholar way

google scholar
Google has redefined the way we use the internet. It has also simplified the way we search for scientific articles and journals. Thanks to "Google [...]

Important Pharmaceutical Databases

EMBASE,PUBMED, MICROMEDEX, NAPRALERT, PHARMAGKB are some of the popular pharmaceutical databases. Lets have a quick look at their services. 1. EMBASE A [...]

Pharmaceutical Research

Pharmaceutical Research Please keep watching this space for updates. Very soon we will come up with important resources that will help you in your [...]