Pharmaceutical Lab Instruments & Equipment

Pharmaceutical Laboratory Equipment

Most of us have been aware of what Pharmaceutical Laboratory equipment’s are and what their utilization is. In general, we get to know them more in our early days of college.  Most of us who deal in science and come from a science background do have a little bit of knowledge about what Pharmaceutical Laboratory looks like and what type of experiments do take place there.  Today I take the opportunity to discuss the Pharmaceutical Laboratory equipment’s in brief and I will take this perfect opportunity to throw a light at some of the uses of few of the well known equipment’s that are being used on a regular basis.

Pharmaceutical Laboratory equipment’s are of different size, shape, style and moreover uses.  There is the Bunsen burner, one of the well known apparatus which allow us to heat up the mixture when in need to a required amount of degree for performing the experiment.  Then there is the analytical balance, which works in all close proximity and allows us to take perfect weight of elements before we start the reaction in the lab.  It provides an accurate reading to us as no air is allowed to enter the close chamber for a more detailed reading.  Other than this, there are different apparatus or equipments like Vortex mixture, Oscilloscope, dasymeter, Gooch crucible, comparison microscope.  We have the other form of safety equipments that are being used for safety purposes, like gloves, goggles to protect our body parts from any hazards or accident caused by vigorous chemical reaction and getting directly in contact with the skin.  This in turn can really cause severe irritation, bleeding and other forms of trauma to our skin.  Spatulas and scoopulas are the most important equipment’s too.  They are used to dissect or check with the condition of the chemical reaction in the Pharmaceutical Laboratory when in process.  Droppers, Pipettes, Burets, tongs and forceps, balances are some of the other common forms of equipments that are generally been found in a Pharmaceutical Laboratory for experiment purposes.

These Pharmaceutical Laboratory equipment’s play a major part in the Pharmaceutical Laboratory research as these are the tools by which complex and simple chemical formulations are being directed and providing result to final outcome.  These equipment’s are found in different sizes and shapes, but whatever may be the size or shape of these equipments each one of them are as important as the other.  The more the intricacy and complex nature of the chemical formulation and process is the more the important is the right choice of these equipments means.  Some of these apparatus do cost pretty high and are very much brittle in origin.  In terms of safety, these equipments are tender and brittle in origin as mentioned and needs proper attention and care when handling them.  Overheating or extreme coldness to these apparatus that is beyond the resistance capability can create a lot of issues.  These apparatus would tend to crack and burst which can be fatal while experimenting.  Thus one must know the proper handling and the nature of the activities of these Pharmaceutical Laboratory equipment’s in order to avoid any kind of accidents or mishaps.

Pharmaceutical Lab Instruments & Equipment

Drawing a conclusion to this short brief to this topic, it is always important and mandatory to check with all these equipments prior to use.  It takes years of practice and expertise to be able to use and handle these Pharmaceutical Laboratory equipment’s perfectly and safely.  Thus it is always recommended that one must use safety devices such as gloves, goggles, protective eye-care and others in order to perform all the Pharmaceutical Laboratory activities safely.  Be always comfortable and safe while using these.

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